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MapFinder: Overview

School Zones & Maps for Real Estate

  • Automatically calculate what school enrolment zones all your properties are in.
  • Accurately locate your properties' location with the built in geo-coding api.
  • Overlay in-zone schools for the property as well as nearby un-zoned schools in Leaflet, Mapbox or Google maps.
  • Mouse over the school to show the enrolment zone for each school.
  • Pop-up information with relevant data for each school.
  • Allow visitors to your website to search for properties by school.

In-zone and nearby schools

The web service component takes the property and based on its location calculates which schools that property is in zone for. It returns a list of these, along with nearby schools that don't have a zone.
You can use this data to search by school, either through your website or in internal systems.

The map component lets your web developer effortlessly embed a map with schoools & zones or add them to your existing map.
Icepick Consulting have been involved with spatial software development for around 15 years, with clients such as the Ministry of Education and Barfoot & Thompson.